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About Us

Hello there! Moonlight’s is a restaurant based group founded on 8/22/15 and is an extraordinary restaurant revolutionizing fine dining on the Roblox platform. We are currently looking to revive the group since the old owner was very busy with real life issues.

What are we looking for?
1 Builder
1-2 Scripters
1 Modeler

About The Jobs

Builder - We are looking for a builder that mainly focuses on low poly building. We are primary looking for a new restaurant that has a tropical theme. More details can be discussed in private. We are looking for someone who can work well and in a nice manner to get it done.

Scripter - We are looking for a scripter or two to script some new systems into the restaurant. Your main job will be installing systems for cooking and serving. You would also do some smaller scripting tasks, such as making a menu that can be read or looked at in a player’s inventory. More can be discussed in private.

Modeler - We are for a person to make new food models for a new menu. You also may be requested to make some other assets. We can discuss more in private.


Payment will be offered as the following:

Builder - 15-20k.
Scripter - 1-3k.
Modeler - 3-5k.

Contact Me

You can message me here on the forms or direct message me on Discord. My Discord is Junky_Poke#5334.



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