MoonView - Receptionist Trainer Guide

Hello! My name is (Your Name), And Ill be training you for the role of Receptionist.

We’ll begin with the Trolling Simulation. Before we begin, I would like to explain a few things that will be Crucial to your success.

As Receptionist, your Job is to give our rooms to Hotel Guests and make them feel comfortable and Relaxed whilst staying at the Hotel.

You are the one in charge or checking people in and out of rooms, and dealing with Disruptive Guest that might interrupt your work.

Receptionist is a Straight Forward job to do, and you will get the hang of working quite easily.

If you don’t know what to do, the best advice is to ask one of your peers to accommodate you.

I will now be stating ground rules that all Receptionist must follow in order to remain behind the Reception Desk.

Always make sure you are doing the Right Job. You have one role to do, and one role only to protake. Receptionist.

Under no circumstances should any Receptionist Abuse their power. This includes checking guest in randomly.

Always respect other staff who are working. We are a team, and we will remain that.
Now that this has been explained, we will now go over the Trolling Simulation.

The Trolling Simulation is supposed to test your abilities on how well you can deal with disruptive Trollers.
Before we begin, there are a few pieces of information you may want to consider taking down mentally.

Here at MoonView, a Troller receives three warnings before being removed from the Server.

Since you don’t have permission to use Moderator Commands, you will have to call an Admin to handle the situation.

For the purpose of this simulation, you will give me three warnings, and step back to call an Admin.

In order to give a warning say: “Warning I [Reason here]” .
In order to call an admin, step back and say: “-Calls Admin-”.

At MoonView, when you call an admin you simply explain the situation in our Communications Server or on our Group Wall.

In order to pass this Simulation, you must give the warnings, and step back to call an Admin.

When I refresh my avatar, I will be chared as a Troller. When I refresh, you will state your greetings. I suggest having them copy and pasted.

Once that’s done, I will troll and it will be your job to give the Correct Punishment’s.

Do you have any inquiries before we begin?

(Once you ask that, you refresh into your Trolling outfit.)

Wonderful on the Trolling portion.

Before moving onto the Trivia Portion, I have a few pieces of information you may want to listen to before moving on.

Here at MoonView, Exploiters receive no warnings. You immediately Screenshot the act, and call an HR+.

If a Staff Member is misbehaving, you are to let an HR+ know.
I will be sending you V PMS regarding the Information I
issued to you. I hope you paid attention.

If I don’t respond to your PM, the answer you input was correct. If you were incorrect, I will PM you the Correct Answer.
Goodluck! :slight_smile:

How many warnings do Trollers Receive?

What do you do if an Exploiter glitches behind the Staff-Area?

If there are no Reception Computers available, what are you to do?

As a Receptionist, what is your Job?

What is 1 one of the many biggest rules Receptionist must follow?

Phenomenal Job on Trivia! I will now take this time out to review all answers, and call the ranker. Please, be patient whilst I do this. :slight_smile:

If one of the people from your group passes, say this and rank them: Congratulations! You have passed this Training. Why don’t you head down to the Hotel to start your Job?

If one of the people from your group fails, say this: Unfortunately, you have failed this Training. Don’t get discouraged. You will have many other opportunities in the future. Best of luck to you! <3 (Then, kick them.)

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