Moose's All-Server-Wide Player Teleporter/Joiner (+ Player Tracking System) [OUTDATED]

This system is in its early stages, so expect some slight errors/bugs


Has someone joined your game? Have you ever wanted to join their session directly? Ever wanted to know if a Star Code user played your game? This could hopefully be the solution to your dreams!

Introducing Moose’s All-Server-Wide Player Teleporter/Joiner (Or MPJ for Short)

Even though it’s nothing new, not many people actually know how it works. With the use of
MessagingService, we were able to replicate this! And, for an added bonus, we implemented a logging system that connects with Discord's API and instantly sends a message straight to your discord server!

After receiving the message, you may go in go and activate the Joiner. Once it appears, simply type their username, and let the handler do the rest! After a few seconds, you’ll be automatically teleported to their exact session, FROM THE SAME GAME!

Please keep in mind that this is All-Server-Wide and only meant to work in the SAME-GAME UNIVERSE


Setup should be pretty self-explanatory, sadly no tutorial yet. However, all steps can be found inside the READ ME ModuleScript and below!

This system supports both Standard and Reserved Servers! For more information on how to setup Reserved Servers, please read the READ ME, and scroll down to EXTRAS.
(It’s required if you plan to use Reserved Servers)

A portion of the READ ME ModuleScript:

Step 1: Move ALL Contents (Expect this READ ME) to their appropriate location.

Step 2: Enable “Allow HTTP Requests” and “Enable Studio Access to API Services” under HOME > GAME SETTINGS > SECURITY.

Step 3: Repeat Step 1 in, if any, other places that are connected to this main place. Found under ASSET MANAGER > PLACES.

Step 4: Customize (or leave alone for default) to your liking!

Please read the ENTIRE ModuleScript to better understand the setup!


Discord Log

Here’s how it’ll look when a Star Code user joins your game:


InGame Joiner

Here’s how it’ll look when using the “Joiner”:


Other Information

Please note that this system is still in WORK IN PROGRESS and will continue to receive updates as time goes!

This is in NO WAY perfect! You may eventually run into an error. I’ll be noting some errors later on and will apply fixes for them, which will appear on its next patch update.

If you run into any errors, please shoot a message as soon as possible! It’ll be highly appreciated.

This was developed by @ScriptedMoose, with the assistance of @BurgerBurner. This was originally made use for Table Flip Studios, but is now made open-sourced for people to mess around with!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have an amazing day! :wave: :smile:


This can lead to privacy issues and yata yata, but it would be useful for people like me, thanks a lot :smiley:


Pretty sure its not. There’s a short roblox tutorial on joining another players tutorial on the api page

Edit: nvm i didnt read it all. Yeah it is…

There is a possibility that the youtuber is recording or in a private server also recording, it usually bothers youtubers to know that you are only there because they are famous, I don’t think that it would be a big problem but it can cause possible issues

Afaik, you can’t join a private server, however if that private server then teleports you to a reserved server, you can join that. Also, I mean you can use this as you will, you can take some code from it, modify it, whatever you want really. Just as long as you do not sell/redistribute this as your own, your good.

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I clearly understand the privacy concerns regarding it. My original intention wasn’t really meant for you to “stalk” YouTubers. This was meant for use on games that are in need of “Joining A Friend” or “Follow A Player”.

I was putting Star Creators as an example and even threw in a fun little logging system that can log basically anyone, depending on the group that they’re in.

This can be used in multiple different ways, with some experience, such as:

  • Mod Calls, an easy way for mods to join the server directly.
  • Follow A Friend/Player, a way to easily have players join or invite their friends to a session.
  • Cross-Server Matchmaking, a matchmaking system that works among other servers.
  • Bug Reports, join directly to observe and analyze a bug.

And many more!

I do apologize if it seemed like it was a system to forcibly stalk and join a YouTuber. I didn’t think anyone would really use it for that.

Why not just check the player’s name using the script? You can easily use the rest of the script without having to prompt them.

Not sure I understand, could you elaborate on it?

Sorry for the late response! The GUI in the screenshot shown asks for the player’s name, right? Or am I not understanding correctly? Anyway, why not just have a table of player names that give a certain discord message, and check the player’s name with player.Name?

Apologies, maybe it’s a misunderstanding? The UI showcased is for the "Joiner". The discord message is a whole separate thing that isn’t related to the "Joiner" itself.

This uses MessagingService to send ALL active server(s) a table/data. After that, it’ll automatically check using FindFirstChild if the player exists and is currently active in the server. The statement will return true and will be sent back to the original server. Upon receiving the data, the client will be automatically teleported to the target player, which they selected.

Ah. I see now. I thought it was asking what the player’s name was.

I think it would be cool to add DisplayName compatibility to the discord logs :slight_smile:

When it comes out, I will be sure to update it! :smile:

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Is it possible to track which game the target player is playing? Forget about youtubers, let’s say I just wanted to know what game a random player is playing.

I have very disturbing question, I think that usage of this model might be abused, since people that have their privacy modified aka changed, It might be invading their privacy which is a bit creepy and very rude?

Are you talking about outside of your current game universe?

Why are you using MessagingService for this and slapping your name on it when it can be done in a few lines of code using GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync?


As stated in a previous reply, the intend of this isn’t targeted primarily for “tracking down YouTubers”. I’d expect people to use it as a start to MessagingService or for, but not limited to, Bug Reports. It’ll be the fault of the Developer if they choose to abuse the system.

I do plan to alter the idea of it so Developers don’t think of this as a tool to stalk YouTubers, but more of an idea for data use.

I honestly never realized it until now, good to know though! Many thanks! :smiley:

Also, with GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync, it sadly doesn’t support ReservedServers, which the system was originally built around, for that sole reason.

That’s right, let’s say someone kills me a bunch of times in a game and they try to leave. Then I find out where they are and join them and ask them for a rematch.