Moosethepooh | Scripter 3+ years of experience [unavailable]

About Me

I am available
Hey there! I’m moosethepooh, you can call me Moose. I script on the Roblox platform. I have 2+ years of experience. Most of my time spent scripting has been in the cafe industry, however I’m am not limited to just that. I always communicate and make sure everything is clear when I begin working on a project.


This is a game where I just show off basic scripting;

Here are some scripts featured in the game above:

Tab out of game window system

12 hour digital clock

Dialouge System

I have scripted for Venti Cafe, a group with 115k+ members.

Venti Cafe

Intro Screen

Jet Ski

Cabana Renting System


Elevator Queue System

Regional Voice Chat System

Login UI

Inventory & Placement System

I have more work to add later!


I am the most available on weekends. I am able to work on for around 1-2 hours on weekdays. However, during school I’ll have a harder time scripting on weekdays.


Prices are negotiable. My preferred payment method is group funds or USD; we can work something out if that’s not possible.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. My tag is moose!#8877.

Thanks for reading! :grin:


Hello! Lovely work, I have DMed you about a scripting job. :smile:

your work is excellent :+1: :grin: :yum: