Mop System Issue

So, I’ve watched this YouTube tutorial on how to create a Spill System, whilst the actual spill system works I’ve added multiple spills in a folder, everything works, it adds a point when a spill mops up, everything works apart from the spawning the mop. I put a spawn script for the spills to spawn everytime a spill is mopped and it won’t work, whenever I join the game all the spills are just there.

This is the script:
local spills = game.Workspace.Spills:GetChildren()

while true do


local randomSpill = spills[math.random(1, #spills)]

randomSpill.Transparency = 0


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Do you have the parts set to be invisible before the game starts?

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Nope, they’re all visible in the “Spills” folder and I have them set around the map, do I need to change the transparency of all of them to be invisible?

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Tried it! Works, thanks for the help. Marked as a solution.

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