More analytics data and graphs

I’m a huge mathematics nerd, and I really like data. As nice as the graphs are they leave a little to be desired.
Number of first time players per time interval, %new players/total players would help gauge user engagement as a whole.
Histograms for things like score/visit, R$ spent/player, score/player, visit length/visit, and group size/group would be nice as well.
Maybe even a way to make our own graphs on the website using data stores, although that might be a little much.


I’d like to see the bounce rate for ads. So how many people click on the ad and then leave the page without clicking “play”. This would be very helpful!


While I would love more proprietary graphs and charts you can also use game analytics paired with @ByDefault’s Module in the mean time. Bounce rates for ads would be pretty useful, as well as for sponsored games.