More breakdown of different colors for keywords in script editor for theme customization

As a Roblox developer, it is currently hard to find a good match of colors in the script editor, (personally) or to match them with other script editors, like Visual Studio Code. I’ve noticed that about 80% of the script editor is comprised of text and keyword colors. Now, naturally, I can expect there to be many keyword colors to be found in the script editor. Still, the text color takes up a lot of things that could be color-coded, such as variable names and parameters.

Maintaining a good appearance is very important to development, in my opinion, and it can be irritable to see too much of little colors. Furthermore, having separate colors should make it easier to identify different things (obviously), which is extremely important.

I think a good change would be to make it similar to the Eclipse IDE’s syntax highlighting options, which are very flexible. Having not poked around with the Visual Studio 2019’s color options, I can’t rate it. Here’s an example of a Monokai based theme in Visual Studio Code, which I think shows examples of what could be color-coded. Take note of the parameter colors, as the highlight of the image, in my opinion, is the function. The function name gets it’s own color, and the parameters within the declaration get their own color as well.


TL;DR: Giving separate things, such as variables their own colors in Studio would be a massive quality of life improvement, as it is not as customizable as it should be.

This seems like something that would fit into the “full script editor upgrade” found on the roadmap.


Hey @NeoInversion, I can confirm we’re working on this!


Thank you! This is something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time!

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Are you guys also adding in font changes for different types of keywords?

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Is that something that would be useful? Currently you can change the font for all the code in the Script Editor.


This is actually one of my favorite features in VS code. It just helps to give an overall clarity to the code and makes it much more readable in my opinion.

Personally, I have it set to add an italic font to keywords such as “function, it, then ,end”. It helps me see the important code in the functions rather than giving the same font weight to everything inside of it

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An example:


This is also partially noticeable in my image, as the parameters also have their own font (well, at least they’re italicized, which you can consider a font on its own). It’s a very nice feature, in my opinion, and would also be nice to have.

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