More detailed Robux count for over one million

As a Roblox user it is hard to tell how much Robux we have at a glance on the Roblox website. Right now I have a code injection extension installed, running some code I made to show my exact Robux count on every Roblox page; but I shouldn’t have to do that.

When you are below 1,000,000 Robux it is not an issue to see how much Robux you have. But once you start getting into the millions, it is hard to gauge how much you actually have just at a glance. Having it show just 1M+ can mean you have 1,000,001 R$ or 1,999,999 R$. What I’m proposing is a change to how Robux is displayed to make it more accurate when displayed in short.

So if you had 1,1,00,001 R$ it would show as 1.1M+ instead of just 1M+. If you had 12,233,940 R$ it would show as 12.2M+ instead of just 12M+. You get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:


rich people problems :laughing:


Is that extension published somewhere?

I just want a number, I don’t want all the bloat and other stuff that comes with R+


I am on Safari, but I downloaded an extension called “Quickscript” which allows you to inject code into specified websites. There are countless other extensions that can do the same thing for Chrome.

Here is my code, it will show your exact Robux amount:

    var balance = $("#nav-robux-balance").text().replace(" Robux","")