More Group Ranks

Could it be possible to add more Group Ranks? preferably around max number of 35 ranks?

I use groups to run sport leagues for my hockey game, and it would be great if I could fit 30 teams into one group, making it easier to manage. Why 35? so I have a few extra ranks for things like Owner, Staff, Fan, Free Agent and Suspended/Muted.

Currently I use mainly 2 groups to manage one of my leagues that has 30 teams (15 in each group), and I use another group to manage a league that has 15 teams. I would like to expand the league with 15 teams to like 20 teams, but don’t really want to make another group to handle the extra teams, since most of the players play in both leagues and are running out of group space. The average player is in 2 groups for the first league and 1 group for the second league, while also in 1 Team group for each league, totally 5 groups. This leaves non-BC’er with no extra room for other groups, such as war groups, and often times players will join on alts because they don’t have enough group space, which makes things hard to manage.

I would agree more group roles would be extremely useful, maybe not to 35, but definitely more.


And I thought 18 was too many…

Yikes. That’s a LOT of ranks.

I’m not too sure about more group ranks… but maybe sub categories for each one would be nice.

Hmm, part of me can see where you’re coming from, but then again I think I still have to disagree . The main reason I say this is because the concept you’re using for your group is essentially just using what could be a group…for every rank. It really just comes down to how the owner manages between what they make a group with subsections (ranks) or make a rank belonging to a larger group.

I can see the appeal of what you’re doing by trying to make 30 teams all under one group and I’m not going to argue with that, but that’s surely not something that’s really necessary? A preference at best.

I’ve been thinking about it and maybe an alternative suggestion would be to have some sort of set feature but for groups (Think of the set feature for models), so that you could group groups together essentially. They’re not changed in any sense at all, literally think of it as how models are just grouped together under a set listed on the players profile. I’m not sure whether that might be appealing but I think it would certainly help to make it feel united or contained so to speak.

20 max. That’s all I say a group needs. Because when you get tons of ranks, it’s going to get confusing.

I don’t even think I could think of 20 ranks…

ill admit 30+ sound [strike]a bit[/strike] too extreme, maybe just like 25? the current 19 is just hard to work with, and I’d rather keep the league within one group, but with 20 teams. And I understand that war clans don’t need this many ranks, but for league based Groups there needs to be a rank for each team plus a few extra ranks for like fans, coaches and staff.

Limiting ranks is like limiting players per group. There’s no reason to have it. I don’t see any disadvantages from having as many ranks as you like.

What about you can buy more ‘Group Ranks’ with Group funds ? That way we can have until ~100 if we would like, but each single rank will cost slightly more…

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