More group role slots



More group role slots

Although my group, Hidden Developers has the maximum group role slot number, this is simply not enough. I’m having a really hard time being able to split developer roles up into specific categories as you can see I had to rank Shirt Makers, Thumbnail creators, Retextures etc all into one category ‘Graphics’. The biggest problem for me is with this limit to roles I cannot separate my staff to their required permissions as I’m having to rank application readers under moderator so they can change roles of members which causes concern to me as theirs always a chance they could abuse the powers that are provided with moderator role having to be used.

And no, I cannot change or delete any roles as each one of them is important and I’m required to keep it there.

Although you can see I currently have a lot of roles it’s a bit difficult to help people hire/suggest specific people as I honestly have no idea what each person does a part of the category they were roled into.

All I am saying is more role slots would make a huge difference for our group and would mean that we could expand our help and community a lot more. I hope you understand why I’m asking for this.

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There should be no limit on number of roles. We should have a proper permissions system where users can be assigned multiple internal roles for permissions purposes, and then a primary role that’s used for display purposes.


A good example of this would be discord’s role permission system.


I’ve often wondered the same thing. There are 255 possible rank IDs, yet you can only use 19. This makes no sense. I think there wouldn’t be many, if any, reasons not to introduce more ranks. It certainly would only do good things.

I support this.

Unable to add new roles to group

Support majorly. I would love multiple roles.


I’d be totally down for something like discord’s tag system where you can give people multiple tags/roles. This would also be awesome if you have multiple games and want to give people roles based on how far they are in each game. Right now you’d have to pick your favorite and go with a role associated with that game but with tags you could be assigned to roles in both games at the same time.


I think an entire scrap and rewrite of the group system would be nice. Have not only a rank system, like we have now with roles, but don’t make abilities based off of the roles, have ANOTHER permissions system that allows you to assign it on a member basis.

Ex: We have 3 Roles Admin, Moderator, and User. And then we can assign permissions with Admin Level 1 2 and 3.

This is kinda just off the top of my head, feel free to build off of it if you’d like.


Definitely. I used to delve into roleplay and those Game of Thrones type groups when I was younger. When I owned one, I found it really hard to manage group ranks due to the limited amount of them. They should 100% have no limits. After all, what’s the point? If Roblox has this set in order to stop groups from creating 1 million ranks for whatever reason, then make groups have a maximum of at least 100 ranks. It just makes sense in groups of larger scales, and it’ll help not only Hidden Developers, but other groups like War Clans, Roleplay Games, and more.


Definitely. Even just 30 ranks would be great for me.


I read a post by a staff member somewhere saying they were planning to release a revamp to the group page in January of this year. Obviously it’s 6 months past that but I imagine there’s some work that was done that is either in the works or was never released.


Do you think it’s ever going to come out? It’s been a while.


I think there should be a limit, but have it like 100. I’ve never seen a discord or roblox group that would need more than that.


Only 19 out of 255 slots being usable for groups seems like a bug, 19 isn’t a power of 2 or a multiple of 10 or 5. It makes no sense


If you include the guest rank it is 20, so it is possible that it is intended. I think this feature request is appropriate rather than a bug report for now until we learn more.


Glad some more people are taking a look at this thread, I’m still unable to expand our groups roles because of the limit, really hope they add more roles.


I am unable to promote anyone in my group becuase i ran out of group slots and the method i used to promote group members was to replace the default role with a lower ranked role and then give the old default role permissions to talk, and now i have thousands of group members I don’t know how to promote.