More Group Space

I couldn’t find a post with the same request

With the removal of forums however many months ago, ROBLOX stated:

If groups are to be our main form of socializing, then I think raising the limit would be a great idea. I know this feature was requested in the past, but I believe getting more group space (especially for non BC players) is a necessity. Maybe double the group limit for each corresponding membership?
non BC = 10
BC = 20
TBC = 50
OBC = 200

Or just let everyone be in 100 groups as they did with active places being bumped to 200 for everyone. (Regardless of membership)


Group limits are an antiquated feature from the site’s early days, and if we are to believe that groups are truly an alternative to the forums, the limits need to be removed entirely.


i fully agree with this


Especially since groups are a tool that developers use just as often as social organizations now, I feel like the limit should be removed entirely. The only type of groups I really join are development groups, and I find myself being forced to abandon my own such groups because of this limit. I would say that the limit serves no purpose, but it does serve as a powerful feature to offer to OBC users, since the 100 group limit is beyond what most people would ever need.

Without the limit players would be more open to joining our development groups, which is beneficial to us developers, to Roblox corporation, and to the players.


Just as @RBX_Lua says, I agree in that we need more group space as developers, even moreso than we do for social interaction.

Consider the 5 group limit for NBCers. One of which may be needed if you wish to do ANY sort of development with one time payouts. Every other slot either fights over being something social, or something you’re working on. That comparison gets even worse once your % payout is involved, since it’d be silly to swap that out with anything which doesn’t earn you robux.

It gets even more upsetting when you consider how groups are handled upon leaving BC. You can have 10 (or more, depending on BC type) groups, but if you’re an NBCer and want to work on any new projects in new groups, you have to leave every group past four. Sure there may be some you could leave, but others you got rather invested in, or may even be ones you own and don’t wish to just drop and hope they survive.


That I can relate to lol, was in 10 groups and it my membership expired.

Wanted to join another group so I left one, forgot bc expired so now I either have to leave 5 more groups or buy bc to join the one I want. feels bad man


The group limit is one of the driving forces that pushes people to purchase BC. Changing the limits would make people less likely to buy it, which can affect the overal economy on Roblox.

I’m no economics major but won’t that happen?


Only if a significant number of people only buy BC because of the extra group slots.You say that it’s “one of the driving forces that pushes people to purchase BC”, but do you have any numbers to back that up?

Sorry, I do not. This is only assumed from my fair share of experience and talking to other people about BC. Often the need to join more groups is correlated with development related endeavors. That’s at least what I had seen out of my talks with other people.


In that case i’d ask if roblox would just double group limit for all forms of memberships.

But they were the ones who removed forums, we should get 100 slots as compensation. Just my thoughts :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that it might be an interesting idea if we get rid of the need for limits on a certain type of group entirely.

What I mean by this is, you could have an exclusive group and a community group.

Community groups would be free to join for anyone, and would be more socially oriented - for example, a game fan-group.

Exclusive groups could be more special (somehow) like a development team or a war-clan. Exclusive groups would retain the current 5 group limit (or maybe even less?) for NBCs, and it would scale up with how it is currently.

However, there’d need to be something about an exclusive/community group that makes just choosing ‘Community’ when your group should be ‘Exclusive’ a bad idea.

I can’t really come up with a solution to that on my own :wink:


I’d imagine the amount of cash spent to buy stuff in the games made in these groups would surpass the silly six dollar monthly fee per dev who does go through with spending for BC.

And @EmeraldSlash, I’d say that wouldn’t really work out. Both groups would benefit with the increased group sizes as mentioned in this thread, and there’s plenty of groups which work as both a dev group and a group for the community to interact in.


Random idea, but maybe instead the limit is applied to ranks instead of membership?
It’d probably be more inconvenient than helpful

Idk just throwing ideas as they come lol

Good to put up ideas than to hide 'em and have potentially amazing ones go unnoticed!

Not quite sure if there is other solutions other than just expanding the limits. The only real reason to keep them is so people give their trickles of BC payments, but we need to ask if that is an even trade off for people using those extra group slots for making more great games, which in the end benefit both the devs and Roblox.

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Answer: Lots of more unused groups for dead projects (although I guess it does contribute to the developers’ learning).

At this point I think groups need a bit of a make-over anyway. They’ve got lots of issues now - terminated owners, free clothing uploads (is that a bad thing? but copies), low limits, limited features and role assignment, etc.
Could a redesign improve the situation? :thinking:


I’m very much against this idea.

however I do really like the group categorizing. Putting your group under “Fan club, Development group, War clan”

Would make searching better too if they implemented it. Having the type affect group limit is a bad idea imo however.



As a developer, having group space limitations is extremely annoying and it needs to be removed.


I ask friends to hold my groups all the time when I lose BC.

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This would be appreciated as well…

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I don’t even pay for BC… In fact I’m barely even on the Roblox website, I just hangout here.

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