More info when players hover over icons on the games page

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A big issue with the current games page is that it lacks useful information for players and makes it harder for them to get into a game. I mean, all anyone sees are rows and rows of tiles. And annoyingly, if a player sees a game that looks interesting, they have to click it, wait for the game’s page to load, maybe read its description, click play, wait for Roblox to load, and then, assuming all goes well, finally get to play.

Why should there be so many steps in getting players into a game? Compare that to the home page, where you can literally hover over a friend and find a game to play right there. It’s time to bring that concept to the actual games page.

Imagine simply hovering over a game icon as you scroll the games page, and then getting more information about the game and the option to play it right there! Players can check out a game without having to lose their spot on the games page and play it faster, developers can display more information about the game on the games page, and Roblox can get players engaged quicker. Seems like everyone wins to me.

Here’s a mockup of what I’m imagining:


(Hopefully @BelowNatural doesn’t mind that I used their game…)

It would be insanely beneficial for players, developers, and Roblox if something like this were implemented. Can it be done?


Strongly agree with this request. I believe that the inability to quickly preview information of a game will naturally lead to players being less likely to look for new experiences on the game page.

Being able to quickly see the description, full name and other information about the game without having to leave the games page could lead to players being more likely to try new experiences, and it would encourage developers to put high-quality descriptions at the top of their game.


Another use case is improved advertising. Now, I could sponsor games and not have to rely on the icon and title to get players in. It’d be extremely useful.

I don’t mind at all! If made into a feature, this would have so much potential for developers. I’d love for this to become a reality!

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