More New Fonts to use in Text


3 new font categories: Antique, Arcade and Fantasy

Arcade currently has a problem where its baseline is noticeably lower than the baselines of other fonts. This will be fixed in next week's release.

If you'd like to develop with the Arcade font right away and want the fixed version, drop this TTF file into your content/fonts folder. Sorry about that!


Awesome update! These are great.
Also, here's what they look like to save people some time.





Fantasy looks super awesome. I think I have a game to make now...


Arcade is just what I needed!! Thanks so much!


Are all the fonts free to use in artwork by us (on and outside of Roblox), or does Roblox have some extra license to use them?
Mainly asking because I never found a download for Source Sans anywhere.


They should all be 100% free.


In the Antique font, it looks like the space key doesn't work


adding additional spaces (double spacing, etc) doesn't result in any change either.



Okay, that is a mistake.
Fixed the font file, drag and drop to the same place to see the temporary fix
Fixed file link

Will be out next release.
Please let me know if you see any inconsistencies in the other fonts.

PS. space exists, it's just really small right now

Increase the spacing on the Antique font

The Arcade font is REALLY low compared to every other font; here it is at the same Y position as a SourceSans text label: Oops, you mentioned this already.

Also, I'd love to see this font get added, since a thicker cartoony font isn't in currently.




Fix for this is out.