More reactions on DevForum posts

As a Roblox developer (forum member), it is currently too hard to… express my feelings about posts using reacts. Sometimes I like a post, but I don’t like it enough to give the heart, and sometimes I just don’t like a post (and would like to express it) but it doesn’t break any rules and I don’t want to write a snarky comment. I think at the very least, we should be able to thumbs-up and thumbs-down posts alongside the heart react


I believe you intended to post this in #forum-feedback, not #platform-feedback:website-features :grimacing:

It happens to the best of us, just move it over!


this will be the first post I give a thumbs-up to, thanks


Thumbs up and thumbs down aren’t too expressive, either :confused:
I wish the forum was less strict where you could express yourself a little more in posts. Also, I think people in the past wanted to add thumbs up/down were shutdown because a lot of people would thumbs down a lot of posts for little to no reason or the general dislike of the person and the thumbs up is redundant as we have the like system. If I remember who made the post I’ll link it.

(edit) found the post about the dislike feature and the general consensus was that people didn’t really want it for various reasons link: Dislike feature on the DevForums


There is no difference between thumbs up and likes. Also (this was said by someone on a similar topic), having a form of dislikes is nowhere near beneficial to the OP or anyone, because they’ll never know why someone disliked their topic. It’s like someone saying “your game is bad” without saying why it’s bad. You won’t improve from that comment.


I think it’s safe to assume that if a post is bad enough then someone will explain why it’s bad. From my experience, this forum is crawling with people looking to prove themselves & call others out on anything possible, so worrying about someone not “improving” because of a bad react sounds a little silly.

To be fair, the heart react doesn’t improve anyone’s experience either, it’s hard for me to think of a reason for it other than vanity.

I’d like to bump this post. There’s a good looking plugin for Discourse forums that allow further reactions to be added to posts:

I think this’d be a great addition to the forum. Sometimes a simple “:heart:” doesn’t cut it, but a full reply isn’t warranted.


While a simple like sometimes doesn’t cut it, it’s one way to really show support for something. In the end, this is a development forum and not facebook.


That does seem pretty cool, but I don’t think it really has a purpose on here since DevForum isn’t social media, it’s just a development resource.

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Of course the forum isn’t social media? I swear this argument is so stupid.

It’s not like we’re posting pictures of us in the pool or in front of a mirror or something? It’s a literal Roblox development forum, we are like a bunch of nerds.

having more options to express liking a post isn’t gonna make it so that suddendly becomes true.
GitHub has that already, no one says GitHub is social media.


If anything, having only a heart seems more social-media like than having a bunch of reactions, I see reaction for things like forums everywhere, on GitHub, and many others, while you have hearts on TikTok, Instagram, and others.

Having a few more options to express how you like certain development resources is NOT gonna make it so that we start to talk about politics, or start to have accounts dedicated to stan BTS or something.

Anyway, @csqrl, I think this plugin is a bit broken at the moment, not sure, they’re mentioning some issues on Discourse’s meta, I guess we’ll have to wait for it all to get properly fixed meanwhile.

Edit: It does sound like they got a fix out, but I believe it’s not in a stable release;

I believe I left a bad taste for this feature request on the past because of my anger issues and I don’t want that to destroy the possibilities for this to get added in this future.


Yes, GitHub isn’t a social media but GitHub’s targeted audience are mostly adults who know how to conduct themselves and not literal children that see an eggplant and die laughing cus body part funny.


Didn’t you call the DevForum a “professional outlet” a while ago? This doesn’t fit that mindset.
Also it’s not like they’re gonna add an eggplant as a reaction.

I really don’t understand how this argument of “the devforum is not a social media” makes sense, especially for a feature request like this, it wouldn’t get the forum closer to social media, it wouldn’t make it so that anything wrong, bad, or weird happens, it’s literally just some more options to express liking posts. And I really, really don’t understand what that has to do with that argument at all.

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Something like this would feel unprofessional, and thus would be an unwelcome change to the DevForum for many active users. However, something other than a simple like system would be nice.


I do feel that while an entire reaction system would be overkill, some form of dislike or non-positive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe theres a feature suggestion that you don’t entirely agree with but can’t think of a proper comment to make, or someone posted something on creations that isn’t entirely up to the standard they’re presenting it to be, heck maybe even someones portfolio is noticably subpar for the prices they’re charging.

The only possible problem I could see from this is users just seeing dislikes and not properly taking them into account (be it anywhere from “I see dislikes but am not sure why” to “They’re just haters, my post is perfect”) which sure, it does defeat the purpose, but at that point it changes nothing to have them, and will benefit only those who want it.

Ye and I think it be nice to react with more official roblox emojis :tongue:

I feel like dislikes/downvotes would only prove to be useful in #help-and-feedback, mainly #help-and-feedback:scripting-support, where a more Q&A format would be appropriate and it could even sort replies in order from most upvoted to most downvoted so the most accurate replies are more discoverable.


Yes it is a professional outlet but the difference is that GitHub isn’t a discussion forum but a place to share and distribute code and the DevForum is well a forum. Not to mention the age and maturity of the users. No one uses GitHub to do trolling to the degree that people do here and if they do, they don’t care. You’re doing an apple to pineapple comparison here.

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I’d disagree with this considering GitHub offers student development packs for anyone who is in a school

Anyways, I think this feature would be nice, reactions can certainly help expressing someone’s opinion.

Did you actually look into those? They accept high school students and up and while they do have secondary school mentioned as a requirement, they rarely end up accepting those as teachers need to enroll them and if they do, they usually end up monitoring you very closely to make sure you’re actually using it for what its intended which is what Roblox doesn’t do.