Dislike feature on the DevForums

As a (kinda) new developer, I believe it would be a good idea to add a dislike feature into the Developer Forums as I commonly find comments / posts that I do not agree with. For example, let’s say someone made a post in the site feature requests saying Robux should be removed. Because I wouldn’t agree with that, I would hit the dislike button if it was there instead of writing a 10 paragraph reply on why I disagree with it.
[EDIT] I understand that many people think you should just reply although new members and members have restricted access on the forums which is why I think dislikes would be useful. Dislikes on Youtube… do they cause discouragement? Not really.


I don’t see how this is constructive to the forums or encourages discussion. It sounds like it does the opposite, counting you just said you’d rather click a button vs talking to the person, which isn’t what the forums was made for.


In my opinion, dislikes have 2 problems on this forum:

  • They discourage “brutally honest” posts. Posts disagreeing with another would get flooded with dislikes.
  • Dislikes show there is disagreement, but doesn’t say why. If there is something you don’t agree with, you should explain why you feel that way. And if someone else already did, you should give them likes for agreeing with the disagreement.

This has been suggested previously. See the posts on this thread (specifically colbert’s post) on why this isn’t a good idea.

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People couldn’t abuse it if Roblox added a limit. (50 dislikes a day, like the 50 like limit per day).

Even if it wasn’t abused (Edit: with the 50 likes in place, which still sounds abusive to me but I can kind of see where you’re coming from), it’s still not constructive & creates an environment where users feel publicly shamed for making mistakes.


Like WhiteCamera said, it’s not really constructive. If you dislike something, you should give a reason why you dislike it.

Take this example: An update Roblox makes. If you say “I like this because …”, that’s not useful, and often gets flagged for spam (which is reasonable because it’s not contributing to anything). However, if you say “I dislike it because …”, that is useful because now Roblox knows what could be fixed.

I know you’re exaggerating here, but most of the time it’s as simple as “I don’t like it because [insert reason here]” or something along those lines.


It would be possible to create a feature where users can’t see the amount of dislikes a post has - instead, the post could just get moved down below where higher ranked posts were. This could be done on like to dislike ratio instead of the amount of dislikes it has.

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Yes, exactly. To add onto this, (as an example) what if this post got 100 likes with no replies on why anyone thought this was a bad idea? (Or why anyone disagreed with this idea)

It taught you nothing (from getting all of those dislikes) and it doesn’t improve the overall quality of forum posts. Users can only adapt to making higher quality in posts when people explain how the community here works / what issues people had. Not ranked, it doesn’t explain anything to the user.

So like a Reddit system? I could kind of understand that but wouldn’t ranking posts confuses the order of how posts are read? As in if someone is trying to follow the conversation, wouldn’t that make it harder now that posts are ranked by likes?

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I see your reasoning but as both @WhiteCamera and @Thundermaker300 said you should explain why you don’t agree with them. This helps them learn and grow. Otherwize there would be dislike botting and people would feel publicly shamed if they received dislikes.


That sort of “ranking” system seems like more work to implement than it’s worth. If something isn’t liked, just say that you don’t like it instead of creating a ratio that moves things around based on likes/dislikes.

Not to mention, that could cause potentially competition to get the “highest rated post” on an announcement, which is obviously no one’s intention. Roblox could implement a system to prevent the competition, but why try and balance all of that when you could just say why you don’t like it to begin with?


Yes I agree. The quality of content and conversation would decrease. Instead, people would try to get a high rank by saying something completely irrelevant.


If you don’t agree with a post, then don’t give it a like. Dislikes are massively counterproductive. I’ve said this before on a similar request to add downvotes as earlier linked and I will still say it. I disagree with a good majority of posts I read and I will either make a response or ignore it.

Dislikes are not a productive or welcoming mechanism which is something we’re against here on the Developer Forums. This is intended to be a learning environment. The only kind of negative feedback that we actually allow is if it’s constructive, meaning you suggest improvements or corrections to wrong information or misunderstandings.

Platform Feedback categories especially are this way. Although ultimately what gets implemented is up to the engineers, likes help them see what the community is fond of. If you don’t like an idea or you think the use case is weak, you should be explaining why. A dislike says nothing, it doesn’t encourage discussion and it may not even be representative of opinions about something.

Any use case for a dislike button here on the forums is frankly poor. We’re not here to encourage negativity against users, we’re here to discuss, share knowledge and learn new things.


Just don’t :heart: a post, if you don’t like it (Plus, if someone doesn’t like your post, it would be a good idea for them to explain why), plus in my opinion… dislikes can cause discouragement. If a post is against the rules, then flag it.