More realistic lighting?


Ok DevForum,

I was wondering if there was a more realistic lighting other than voxxel. Granted It’s very good but it doesn’t perform as a natural light would. It doesn’t really do much more than darken and shade. I want something like Rock Star games would have. If anyone knows a more realistic lighting system or set up please let me know. I know I can add sunrays blur and all that but they just don’t seem to capture what I’m looking for.

Video game example:


you could download Future Is Bright v16 from the github page here

this has much more realistic lighting than the new voxel thing we have right now

you cant use it in actual games though, because its just kind of a prototype right now lol


If you don’t want to use the prototype then you’ll have to wait for more of the phases to be released


Yeah I think I’m just going to wait for now.