More Robux purchasing options

As a Roblox developer getting robux for games, ads, services is very simple and straightforward. On PC you have five options for purchasing robux. Ranging from $5-$100. For certain developers being able to purchase more robux from the site is very useful and can sometimes be cheaper than purchasing smaller amounts for less. However, on mobile you instead have three options of robux purchase compared to PC’s five. One of the options for mobile is 88 robux for $1 (Premium Users), an option not seen on PC. The price range for mobile is $1-$10. Now normally this isn’t an issue. However, if you want $20 dollars worth of robux and are strictly a mobile user, you are getting less robux compared to buying the $20 option on PC! Some users aren’t able to use a PC for Roblox, so when they need robux they have less options of purchase for less robux.
If this issue is addressed a simple solution is to have more options for robux purchase on mobile. Simply giving the same payment options as PC users for mobile would easily solve this issue. Benefits if this is implemented are getting more robux for the one time $20 option than two $10 options on mobile and simply having the same options as PC users.


It appears that more options got added recently!