More rooms from my Among us map!

Finished a few more rooms for my Among Us map including Admin, Cafeteria, and Storage. Take a look!


This looks cool! Just make sure not to get sued for copyrights.

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This is pretty cute! Make sure you are not using this to gain money. You could be looking at a DMCA takedown


I like the look of this! It looks great, but PLEASE make it a unique game! It’d be a lot more fun!

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Lookin good! Why is there a floating box in the storage room lol!


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Being true to the original haha

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Looks nice, but be careful and don’t use this game for money. You could be copyrighted.

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Isn’t there supposed to be a security cam at the entrance of Admin? Anyways looks really cool!

Also, the vent goes in the far corner, not the 2nd closest lol