More terrifying UGC Concepts #1

You may have seen me do other creepy UGC concepts in the past… A totally normal UGC concept… but I’m back with more!


Here we go, big lips dude? Not sure what it’s name is… or even what it is but here ya go!

This is part 1 so there’s gonna be way more UGC concepts coming soon so stay tuned! :3
(feedback would be very much appreciated)


This will haunt me in my sleep tonight! Jokes aside, the back part looks very out of place, changing the color or texture may help.

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Yes, I’m aware of the problem with the texture but thank you so much for the feedback!

There are 3 things that I see when I see this picture

  1. Myself since it kinda looks like me but I’m slightly better
  2. Monke
  3. Surreal meme material

If I were to offer feedback, having the eyes more within the skull would make it look creepier

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Horrifying, mortifying, terrifying! I know this is the aesthetic you were going for so amazing job!

  • I do recommend making his lips more distinguished. I get the impression someone punched him in the jaw and the entire area swelled up.
  • Another horrific idea I have is to make the lips dry. Try to have little flaky bits coming off his lips.

I’m disgusted by your UGC creation but love it too. Good luck on future creations!

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really nice but lips and nose are weird lol.
also whats this ??Screenshot 2021-11-29 155928

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Yes, that’s the point.

YOU FOUND OUT MY SECRET! Im kidding, it’s uh… eyes. The reflection of an eye which contains mountains. ;-;

I mean I would use the reflections for sure but maybe change the mountain part to a different and more scarier scenery.

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thank you for giving me the worst nightmares i will ever experience at the time i will ever sleep

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