More than 10 tools in one bar

hi I have a small problem with the roblox backpack system.
is there any way to have more than ten in one toolbar.
my main point is not to click the `button to display the rest of the tools




I believe you cannot change the amount of tools in the bar of the Standard Inventory.

I’m not sure but, I think only way to change that, would be if you were to create your own Backpack Gui.

Correct me if I’m wrong here.

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The Roblox backpack system is designed for the 1-0 hotkeys. If you have more than 10 it doesn’t fit. The player can select which tools they want in the 1-0 list though.

You should probably look into making your own tool inventory system as @EntryRoot said so a user can scroll through their list of tools and pick them.

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