More than one server being unnecessarily created

Apologies if this has been brought up before. Recently I’ve been noticing on my games that more than one server are being created when older servers have not reached their capacity.

My preferred players is set to 50. None of these servers in this example have ever reached that many players. It hurts the experience of my game if there are no other players to interact with.


Yeah, this is very annoying and has been reported by several people here. Hopefully Roblox will do something about this soon :frowning:

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Everytime I see a post about this I reflect about how it keeps me from working on a project

It’s been months now


So o o o Irritating :frowning:

Just happened again when Inyo22 and I went to test out a place

It’s been going on for months now.

It’s happening to my place and I haven’t even had 18 players (the server limit and preferred limit). 2 players join, 2 servers are created.

When I use TeleportService to send me and some friends to one of my places, it usually puts us in our own servers T_T

It’s literally the most infuriating thing right now because I hate having to shutdown innocent players just because i want them to get the full-effect of the game by not being on single player servers.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

Yeah - It’s really annoying :frowning:
Players wait for ages on their own in the new server - even though there are other servers with spaces - and then dislike (in my game because it needs 2 players to start)!

This is getting very irritating.

I was put into my own server, even though the other server was running long before I joined. :confused:

No matter what I do, i keep being forced into my own server. I’m thinking there’s a bug within the web code that checks if there’s a server available.


Any updates or statements on this?

Maybe it makes a new server for you if your ping to the other servers is too high or something.

This is getting a bit out of hand. The amount of preferred players is set to 6 out of 9, lol.


Going to bump this because of how important I think social aspects in games are. I recently increased my server sizes to aid this, but Roblox creating these servers is ruining that experience for players.

I am unsure of whether this is caused by teleport service but it is used in my game.

It’s still happening:


I agree, it can also affect the like/dislike ratio and returning players!

I don’t use the teleport service in my game and it still happens! :slight_smile:


Yea this can be rather bothersome! I hope a solution will be found asap! :open_mouth:

For ages now I never click on the ‘Play’ buton, instead I have to manually join the largest server. Real pain, and I hope it gets fixed.