Morph Changer Not Working

Hi there. I am Crystallityy and I am a new scripter at this platform.
I am working on a morph changer, though it isn’t working.

Here are the necessary screenshots:

Thank you for any feedback on fixing this issue.

Any error messages in console? Also could you just copy and paste the code here?

No, after stepping on the pad I am disappering from workspace.


charClone.Parent = plr.Character
Then use a “WeldConstraint” instance to weld the custom characters limbs to the appropriate R15 limbs.

Alternatively you could use:

After replacing the code with a new one I’ve got a console error.

i don’t know if this possible
try put a little wait() after changing the model name

It doesn’t work as well, sadly.

Can you copy and paste the code here? I can make edits then.