Morph Keeps Falling and Sliding

Every time I go to use the morph it works well but the only thing that seems to be wrong is that it keeps sliding me across the floor and causing me to freefall. I tried changing the animation code to the fall and it didnt do anything. Any ideas?

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Change the Hip Height property in the morphs humanoid

I just tried it and it didnt seem to do anything. It was at a 2.5 and I played around with it a few times to 3 and up and tested it each time and it didnt have any change.

Yeah, you need to increase your HipHeight. Try something like 20 to 50.

Just tried it set it that high and its still doing it

Is your Morph Massless Property set to true? Any added weight on a humanoid causes big issues with its physics and control.

Its not checked but I did check it to see what would happen and it made everything slide even faster lol

I fixed it what I did was went in to Humanoid and unchecked AutomaticScalingEnabled


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