Morph respawns player

I’m trying to morph the player when they press a button but It’s so hard!
Each time the player presses the button they morph, however a few seconds later they respawn back to normal.
I hope somebody can help me with this Issue.

I’m using R6.

Here Is my code:

db = true
	local character = plr.Character
	if character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
		if db == true then
			db = false
			local Morph = game.Workspace.Suit:Clone()
			plr.Character = Morph
			db = true
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Are you using R6 or R15 characters?

I’m using R6 characters. Il add It to the topic.

This may be killing the player character. Is the morph suit meant to replace the character model entirely or just be welded on?

Right now It’s replacing the character model entirely, but I’m also fine with It being welded on If you have a solution related to It