Most Advanced Admin Menu

Hi, How are you? This is one of my best creations yet. This admin menu has TONS of cool features and more to be added. If you have any suggestions please let me know my discord will be posted below.

Here is a list of all Features Currently:

  • Current Features
  • Check Players in Server
  • Check Admins in Server
  • Check Server Up-Time
  • Check Server Location
  • Server Playerlist
  • Select Players from Playerlist and View the following:
  • Account Creation, ID, whether is online in your server or not
  • You can also punish players with the following actions:
  • Ban, Freeze, UnFreeze, Kick, Spectate, Teleport, & Kill
  • Fly, Toggle Godmode, Toggle Invisible, Set your Health, Set your Jump Power, Set your Speed
  • Soft Shut downs (Mostly used to push updates to your game, with soft updates you can push updates without kicking players from the server)
  • Normal Shutdown all servers
  • Lock Server (No one will be able to join your server)
  • Server Announcements (Sends an announcement only to the server your currently in)
  • Global Announcements (Sends an announcement to all running servers)
  • Server Console UI** (You can turn this off if you would like to)**
    -** Panel for Chat logs**
  • Customize your background color of the admin menu

Youtube Preview: Advanced Admin Menu [Roblox] - YouTube
Discord: green.r

Hit me up on discord if you are interested in this.

Image Previews:


Wow, this looks amazing man, I really love the UI and the design. It has that sort of complex simplicity and looks really easy to navigate. I’m pretty impressed. Will this be an open-sourced project or just a personal project?


This menu looks very good! I like it a lot. Nice job on it!


“Most advanced admin menu” yet i noticed very basic problems

not centered

uneven padding

1 pixel off

no AutoScaleCanavas

default BorderColor, scrollbar cuts off player tab

not even

i like the colors and the layout but it could use some better icons (instead of mainly emojis)
nice :+1:


Hey, thanks for the feedback. If you are interested in learning how to obtain this admin menu please send me a message on discord. Discord: green.r


Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely push an update to get these small things fixed.

wow, this looks very cool and interesting. very sleek and i’m friending u on discord rn LOL. as said, some of the ui looks a bit off, like the “Search User ID” in my opinion looks kinda cramped, ui sometimes doesnt match, everything that other people already got to

overall its a pretty solid admin ui system and looks great :slight_smile:

also, is there some sort of logging thing (so owners for example) can see and ensure others arent abusing admin commands? (webhook, etc.)

Anymore Feedback? Remember DM me on discord if you are interested in this!

green.r on discord!

Anyone got suggestions? bump!!!

Maybe different colors? Now I personally am not the biggest fan of Light Mode (even though I use it on the DevForum), but you could add light mode and other colors.

Also, since you have a ban system built-in, maybe you could have a ban-list UI.

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the ui is a bit wacky, and it’s scaling is weird. usefulness? 8/10. design? 4/10

BUMP!!! Send me a message over discord to acquire this admin menu! Discord: green.r