Most efficient way to play gunshot sounds

I’ve tried multiple methods such as:

  • Playing the sound effect via the server with a remote event
  • Playing the sound effect locally and via the server
  • Playing the sound effect locally

None of these seem to be efficient and I wondered if there was a better way to play the sound effects…

You could play it locally, and just fire a remote that tells all other clients to hear a gunshot
Otherwise best way would probably to use a remote

The problem is, when firing the weapon (specially when firing automatically), sometimes the sound effects don’t even play.

Maybe this has to due with the sound rather than execution?
You could setup a sound specifically for automatic mode that is a gun firing in automatic, rather than relying on playing a sound multiple times you could simply loop this sound.

I ended playing the sound effect locally, firing a remote with the sound data and then firing every other client in order to play the sound locally for the other players.

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