Most of my Outfits have issues with loading

Most of the outfits I have got wiped out.
Older and new ones. 2 of them were only left - The one I was wearing today and also the “blank” one.

Here’s a small example of what I had.

The bug happened today on Avatar site, when I was about to check all my outfits.

I would like to make sure if it’s related to servers or if it’s some kind of site malfunction.

EDIT 1: I put on “my nama chef” outfit and it looks like the hats it had are there, but my character won’t load. It takes time to load my page.

They haven’t got wiped out. ROBLOX if having issues with the icons of stuff. Once ROBLOX fixs it you will get them back.

Yeah, I just noticed that a lot of people are having issues at the moment.

I know they will fix it fast then.

Are they correct now?


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