Most user-friendly program to make meshes using?

Hi! I’ve been considering using meshes to enhance the look of my games and showcases however I’m struggling to use blender. I’ve seen others link the donut blender tutorial and it’s extremely hard to follow for me [I have ADHD so anything that lengthy and complicated will probably be of no help.] So, what other programs do you recommend?

[Also, sorry if this is in the wrong topic, I never know where to put things.]

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I think blender is too complex as well. You could build a model in Studio, then export it as an OBJ. It would then be a mesh, except instead of entering the MeshId, you would have to click the folder next to it and select the OBJ file from your computer.

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I also found blender way to advanced when I started, but watching short low-poly modelling tutorials showed me it isn’t that hard at all to model simple things. I would suggest you follow short low-poly modelling tutorials and maybe split them up in a few pieces if you lose your concentration.

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Stick with blender, as @apenzijncoolenleuk1 said, there are many short tutorials on modeling with blender, what I did was I watched them, then explored some more on my own, so as to get my own way of using blender.


Before I started using Blender, I was ironically enough using Autodesk Inventor 2017 :sweat_smile:
Its a really nice program for 3D modeling, though I don’t believe that its good for making game assets.

The best advice I can offer is to keep forcing yourself to use it. The biggest challenge for me was to get used to all the tools and to know what the program can accomplish. If you keep using it, you will eventually get the hang of it!
And make sure to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. Follow tutorials on how to use curves, different modifiers, etc.

One of my best motivators was to find a couple of small, not really complex, modeling jobs. That way, you’ll push yourself to find what methods you can use to accomplish a certain task!

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What softwares your wanting to choose from paid options or free open source ones?

At the start it’ll be hard and complicated since your more of a beginner but it just takes practice and learning the curve around the blender. There are variety of softwares but a few of them have paid options that you’ll need to do in order to use that software CD4, Autodesk Maya ect.

If your beginner or wanting to learn have you tried viewing basic tutorials learning the interface workflow around blender? A beginner tutorial is the (donut & mug) is a great place to start, was it just to hard at the start you should learn the software before attempting to create models. It just takes practice and patience to get the hang of blender.

Here is a thread that leaves useful information and tips and tutorials on how to get started, i would try writing a few tips in a notebook so you can use that for later progress.

I’ve been using Autodesk Maya for quite some time now! It’s an expensive program but helps you understand 3D modelling to be able to make the switch to a complex free program such as Blender. Autodesk Maya is a very robust and effective program. As a student, you can get one year for free.

There are many tutorials and forums that can help you start off with the program. Also, I loved the transition from ROBLOX Studio to Autodesk Maya because both their interfaces and camera movement are quite similar.

I use Fusion 360 to make my meshes. It is very user friendly and I use it every day to make almost all of my things on Roblox. The software is really easy to learn plus I have experience with Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD and Revit. Fusion 360 is also an Autodesk product, and you can get it free for 3 years if you are a student!

Here are some examples of my work:

You can download Fusion 360 by googling “Fusion 360 Student Version” then look for the Autodesk Link.


Nobody has mentioned this before so sorry for bumping the topic. In your case, MODO is your friend. It is a bit more affordable than the other 3d packages out there and easy to learn. If the cost is too much, apply for a student license.

You could try to practice on blender I never completed the donut since it took long and I still got better at it.

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