Most weird scripting error (Something happening without code)

Hello members of Devforum,

I am sorry about the vague title, but in all honesty, this is such a weird issue I have no clue how to even title it. I’ve been coding for a few years now and can say I’ve had my fair share of weird issues, but I’ve always solved them. But this issue is nothing I’ve ever gotten before.

So, I have a button that when clicked is supposed to loop through a folder and open all components, but for some reason, it does something completely different. It just opens this one text box, but the 2nd time I click the button it does the actual task I coded.

When I click it the first time and it opens the text box, the cursor doesn’t change to over button cursor. Also, there is no other button there. On top of it, I went into the code and commented out every single.Textboxname.Visible = true

I hit CTRL + F or find to make sure its all commented out, but it still does this…

Then I got this thing that popped up on its own window, I searched it up and there is no thread or documentation on it.
^ The tab said “Diff Result”


Are you using packages?
If so, make sure it’s updated.

Nope. Its just a simple, general script. I’ve gone through to long now. I’m just remaking it. Thanks for the help though.

What can we do? You haven’t provided us any code.

I suggest that you properly debug, and also print stuff after every step you make in the code, to see what’s happening.

Your problem is a little obscure and I’m not so sure what you’re trying to ask.

This sounds like an implementation problem which you need to debug and solve yourself.

Diff Result = Difference Result. It shows the changes in your script between versions.

I don’t know what you’re trying to ask otherwise. There’s a way to articulate even “strange” errors and that’s providing as much detail as you can. Take us into your shoes and try to repro the problem, then include the details from the start leading up to the moment you get the “strange” issue and include all such details in your thread.

@colbert2677 I appologize, but as I mentioned I redid it.

OP is stating that they believe the problem is happening, not due to code. Wording on it sounds quite confusing though, so if OP could clear that up it’d be great.

@OP, what can we do to help? You haven’t asked us a question - rather just told us a story about a weird bug happening with your code.

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