Motion Capture Suits Using Roblox VR

Motion capture suits on Roblox

My name is I_Developer, but you can call me I_Dev.

Motion capture suits on Roblox: I want 'em.

Motion capture suits are basically suits that “capture” the movement of the person wearing them, so they can make animated characters without having to hand-animate actions they could easily do themselves.

Roblox has VR, an interesting sort of way to capture movements so you can interact with games.
What if we could use VR as a motion capture suit?

This sure as heck would help me animate my characters… And we have Nexus VR…

Of course I lack the skills to make this plugin, but it wouldn’t be too hard to make. Example:
Step One: I stick on the headset and start flailing my arms about like I’m being attacked by evil bees.
Step Two: The game I am playing saves all my movements as an animation with data stores.
Step Three: I go into studio and copy the animation data.

EZ, right?
Well I am pretty noob-level at coding, so for me, no. I don’t even have a VR, I just use my friends Quest 2.

That’s why I publish this idea.

One of you could make a plugin for this! You could make some serious cash, and everybody would love it. (Or at least me!)

If you do think this is a good idea please like and comment so we can spread it, and please tell me if you have an idea of how to do it or if this already exists.


I’m using this for an animusic game if it ever comes out btw…

In all honesty, I think the access we have to developing with VR is sort of limited.
It seems like a cool concept and something I would love to get into but I don’t own a headset. Here’s the docs for it if you decide to experiment yourself.

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Yeah… I mean Roblox VR has HUGE potential… but right now is pretty low quality. I know all about the VR service, I’m just too busy to figure this entire thing out without some sort of plugin.

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in theory it would work if you were able to detect the vr remotes that you have in hand and do some inverse kinematics to generate an animation,the inverse kinematics is because roblox cant get your whole body position data lol

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Yeah… another thing that could work… I just wish I had the time to write the code…

Yep,i could do it,except that i dont know how to calculat inverse kinematics and i dont own vr

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Dude nice!!! Maybe @Creeperman16487 could help you with the Kinematics?

(Edit: sry i was distracted that was stupid of me to say i meant "maybe you could get someone else to help)

tbh there are alot of Kinematics modules in devforum,they could be helpful

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So how long would it take to make?

I have no idea…


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If your not busy I would be happy to work this out with you.

Nah im sorry,i got alot of other stuff to do.

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ah too bad. whatever, i guess i can find somebody else on discord…

I mean if i have free time,i could help out
my discord is CreeperRBLX16#3935

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i dont have a vr device but i think that this


this will probably print out the cframe in game of your right hand remote

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I forgot but I don’t think you can do this in normal Roblox, the closest thing we have is a full body tracking script (CLOVR) and that’s specifically for exploits who have custom functions and more permission on the client.

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Roblox VR most definitely has huge potential. However, for now I don’t think has the capability to record every single movement if a VR player and turn it into an animation.

However, it may still be possible to use an external motion capturing software and important the animation to blender then to Roblox. (This is just an idea, it may not work.)

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You already know people would abuse this if it was for public use.
Just think about what they’d do xD

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okay fair enough but that kinda stuff already exists anyway… and thats enough talk about that crap…

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