Motor in helicopter cause lag?

not good fps

I’m trying to make the game playable smoothly even with low-spec devices.
I would like to know use Motor is better or spinning script is better.
and is Motor causes lag?

The blades appear like they’re lagging because they’re missing motion blur. In real life our eyes can perceive moving objects clearly up to a certain point where the image starts to get increasingly more blurry.

Rotor RPM vary, but we could say that an actual helicopter like yours could spin the main rotor at around 4-6 times per second.

I suggest you create a blurred image of the rotor together with the physical parts like Sleitnick did in this video:


Do you mean the ‘flashing’ blades? That’s what happens in when a digital program tries to render a rotating object. It isn’t lag.

You could simply make a semi transparent thin Cylinder to give a smooth spinning rotor effect and make the blades transparent and not move them at all.