Motor6D angle being weird

I dont know how that would work because in explorer, it says the position is 0,0,0

I made it clear in my post that I am using a motor6D. (I need to use motor6D.

Have you tried adjusting the values until you have found something that works?

Have you tried ToOrientation?

Yes. I have been doing that for wayy too long. Still couldnt find anything

Never heard of this before. I’ve got no idea how to use it

“Returns approximate angles that could be used to generate the CFrame, if angles were applied in Z, X, Y order. Equivalent to toEulerAnglesYXZ.”

Maybe weld the part to an invisible part called “Grip” and use the Motor6D and weld the grip part to the arm of the character

I already did that. I welded a part called “Primary” to the right arm. The mesh is welded to primary

Have you tried changing the tool via the properties?

Its not a tool. It’s a model. Which is why im welding it.
Screenshot 2022-11-01 135311
The reason why I’m doing this is so the model can move with an animation.

Is the knife inside of the characters model?

Yes. The knife is a descendant of the character

have you not realised your position offset is being overrided??

I have. I am trying to fix that

by doing what exactly because I see a very simple solution?

What is the solution then???

multiplying the cframe offsets???

PartWeld.C1 =, -1, 0)
PartWeld.C1 = CFrame.Angles(-90, 180, 0)

That is your script above.
And as I can see is that your setting the PartWeld.C1 to then CFrame.Angles

Maybe that has something to do with it

I already tried that a while ago… atleast it didnt work when i tried it.