Motor6d animations freeze on assemblies that the client doesn't have network ownership over

Based on this post: Motor6Ds failing to update when attached to instances without network ownership

Basically, all motor6d animations (be it setting desired angle, or using an animator) fail to render/update on assemblies you don’t have network ownership over. on this game: Steam & Steel - Roblox
I don’t know what I’m doing with the motor6ds on at this place, but it doesn’t matter if they’re client side or server side motor6d, they just refuse to update until you get network ownership.

this issue tends to get worse as player count increases on the server.

Expected behavior

I expect that the Motors, Motor6ds, and humanoid animations work as intended, updating their cframe regardless of network ownership.


Thanks for the report. We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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UPDATE: This extends to serverside created Motor6Ds that are changed by the server.

it starts working again once network ownership is gained by the person viewing the cars.

ok, at this point, it has got to be something wrong with how i’m implimenting the animations.

I’m playing all the animations from my client, and it just… freezes.

The particles and sounds are playing correctly, so keyframes are being reached. but… no movement.

update: So, to add to the wackyness.

the animations start working just fine if you have one mech in physical contact with another