Motor6d animations not working

The animation works on your client. But not for others

Any solution?

Are the motors created on the client?

I dont know, Im not that good at animations.

Did you make a remote for adding motor6ds? is believe that’s what he meant

No i didnt add any remote to the motor6ds

Are you animating using a custom system, or Roblox’s animation system.

If you’re using Roblox’s one, do the parts have NetworkOwnership?

If you’re using a custom one, which property are you changing.

My friend is animating, he’s using blender. I dont understand motor6ds.

basically for the animation editor & Animation to play on the rig each part inside the rig must be connected or else they will not be detected

At the moment i suspect you have no remote function that will set up motor6ds on the server here’s a link to a tutorial that should explain everything you need to know scroll down to 7: Essential part: In game How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.)

The tutorial was kinda hard to understand, and the scripts didn’t work.

By “Motor6d animations” you mean directly assigning to transform at runtime, right?

That doesn’t replicate so you’ll need to manually replicate thru RemoteEvents

Can you show us a snippet of your code where you setup the motor6ds

yeah, here is the code

(sorry for bad quality)

You’re just assigning the reference parts of the m6d there. You need to set the proper C0/C1 offset values so the joint is correctly positioned.

To animate the m6d you need to update it’s Transform property each frame. Transform api.

Im not that good with welds, is it possible that you could help me do it?

Are you making this Motor6D in a localscript? You need to make it on the server so it’s replicated to all the other clients. When you create an instance in a localscript, it only exists for that client.

No it’s not a localscript. Its a script in the tool.

I am having that problem too in my game the animations works fine for my own client but for others not (the animation loads but the tool is not visible)

something like this

I am still trying to fix it.