Motor6D can position on CFrame, but when it rotates, the position changes (Raycast Suspension)

Right now im working on a raycast scripted suspension and for now im trying to attach the wheels, but when I attach the wheels and apply position to the motor6d it works fine on the ground, but whenever it goes ahead to rotate, the wheels switch position.

Here is an example:

So far I have tried diffrent types of methods to attach the wheels by adding AlignPosition, AlignOrientation and Force with PrismaticConstraint

This is what I have written inside the code to make the Motor6D move

v.Motor.C1 = v.CFrame
v.Motor.C0 = v.CFrame + v.CFrame:vectorToWorldSpace(, -Hit.Distance, 0)

Are you trying to animate your wheels? Motor6D join two base parts in an animatable way, I haven’t used it for some time so I’m not sure

Nope, not tryna animate them, Robloxs Jeep and Jailbreak uses Weld and Motor

I found the solution, for anybody else wondering, Its better to use welds, I inverted the Wheel Holder CFrame and multiplied it with the Target CFrame Position.