Motor6D CFrames do not change in a Mesh Deformation Rig (Bones)

I’ve faced an issue which has caused major limitations within my game - I have an imported blender-rigged dinosaur which uses Bones for it’s animations, unfortunately though I’ve discovered that anything to do with Motors doesn’t work. For my specific use cases, I’ve created a terrain alignment (your character orientates to the ground below via raycast) and head turning (your head turns based on your camera direction) - currently I use the bones themselves, however that’s caused issues in of itself as I’m changing the rig itself not the actual character. When I attempted to change it to Motors, I discovered an issue I had 1-2 years ago which was apparently never fixed

If this is something that I can personally work around, I’d love some information on how!

As you can see via this gif, the moment I remove the Bone rig it starts orientating to the ground where as beforehand it does not (do not mind the weird orientation, it’s reverted but the result still shows)

Due to this, I have to instead tween the bones themselves, a huge limitation with this is the HumanoidRootPart does not follow the rest of the rig nor do other non-bone rigged parts, this causes a lot of behavior that I have work around not with. This also to my knowledge is far less performant as Motor6Ds are far more optimized with built in replication drop-off over bones which keep their fidelity no matter how far away you are

Expected behavior

Motor6D CFrames should either work WITH or take PRIORITY over Bones, if I want to change the orientation of a CFrame it should work,.

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Thanks for the report!! Just sent to the team :slight_smile:

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