Motor6D Movement Does Not Replicate From Server To Client

In a server script, when changing the desired angle of a Motor6D in a server part, the motor movements are not replicated to the client.

See the attached repo file. When run, the movement is seen on the server only. The movement is not replicated to any client. (This is independent of the Filtering Enabled setting). My expectation is that since it is a server script, that it should replicate to the client.

Repo.rbxl (13.4 KB)

Properties like Motor6D.Transform and Motor.CurrentAngle are considered animation properties and are not replicated.

There’s many use cases for this, like if I want to do foot planting IK on top of animations for example: you can just run the same logic on all clients for smoother results and not having to replicate all those CFrame values. For example Humanoid and AnimationController animations work by only replicating the time and blending properties, which is much smoother and uses much less data than replicating all the angles individually.

If you want this replicated you can do it manually or just run the same code locally on all clients.


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