Motor6D physics issue

I have a turreted vehicle which uses Motor6D to move the turret to where the cursor is pointing. The vehicle seat is welded to the turret so the driver can rotate with it, however rotation of the motor is causing the bottom half of the vehicle to rotate in the opposite direction as well. This must be physics related as I have been able to do this exact same thing on other vehicles in the past.

Example of a working product:


Problem vehicle in question with seat welded to the turret: (Seat is in the open for illustration)


The two vehicles scripts are identical and I have matched their part properties as closely as I can. The walking mech does not have suspension however but does move using invisible wheels. The issue can be partially solved by welding the vehicle seat to the bottom half of the vehicle:


This seems to isolate the issue down to being related to the vehicle seat/player being fixed to the rotating turret. The goal here is to have the vehicle seat and player rotate with the turret without affecting the bottom half. Any ideas for solving this issue will be greatly appreciated.


I’m having the exact same issue with a tank game I’m creating, any help would be much appreciated!