Motor6D still not allowing animation

I have followed this tutorial How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.) in an attempt to accomplish the same thing, but with a sword. I feel like I have done exactly what it says, but I still cannot animate the sword.

All the parts in the sword are welded with motor6ds created by the rigedit plugin. Then, I created a motor6d and set the Part0 to torso, and Part1 to the sword’s BodyWeldPart object. Yet, it does not show up in the animation editor. I am confused as to what I am doing wrong here.

In what way are you unable to animate? Does the plugin not register your rig, are you unable to see any of the sword joints in the rig joints list or are you unable to move the sword around?

My experience working with animations is that anything not intended to be animated should not be using a Motor6D, it’s widely pointless. Names should also be different; while the default animation editor may be able to differentiate welds from each other, some plugins don’t (e.g. Moon Animation Suite) and lead to weird behaviours. Animation data adheres to a relatively strict structure internally after all.

Just the sword doesn’t show up. And even if I replace the sword part welds with normal welds but leave the motor6d that attaches it so it SHOULD be able to be animated, does nothing. And I’m only using one motor6d that should be animated.

You mean the sword is not appearing in the AnimationEditor? Are you using the official Roblox Animator (Not the newest one)? Mind sending a repro file?
Also check is the sword parented to the animating dummy.

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You’ll have to name every Motor6D a different thing. You can’t just name 2 parts union and then weld then with Motor6D. For example call the first one U1N en the second one U2N. Then weld then again (make sure to remove the old welds before that).

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Thanks, I figured this out out on my own hehe :stuck_out_tongue: oops

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