Motor6D surface bug

I have two unanchored parts connected with a motor6D and one of them is noncancollide, however one of the surfaces of that noncancollided block is still physically interactable.
Here is the place file: unanchoredPartBug.rbxl (15.9 KB)
video of bug:


I’ll check the reproduction, and I might snap onto something. If I do, I’ll reply. If I don’t, it’s silent.

Seriously? Motor6D? I’m not entirely sure what causes this, but this is not intended. It must be a bug then, right?

The script was very simple, nothing wrong there and it must be a bug, possibly. Otherwise it’s some little little little little detail stuck on somewhere to edit to fix it.

This bug appears to have been fixed by now as I can no longer reproduce it.

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