Motor6d tool not working?

So im trying to hook up my tool with motor6d, but its not working, it makes the motors and everything, but it keeps moving the parts and positioning them the wrong way, any help?

local character = script.Parent.Parent
	local Motorr ="Motor6D")
	Motorr.Part0 = character.RightHand
	Motorr.Part1 = script.Parent.Handle
	Motorr.Parent = character.RightHand
	Motorr.Name = "RightHand"
for i,v in pairs(script.Parent.Model:GetChildren()) do
		local Motor ="Motor6D")
		Motor.Part0 = script.Parent.Handle
		Motor.Part1 = v
		Motor.Parent = script.Parent.Handle
		Motor.Name = v.Name

motor6d needs C1 and C0, their values are cframes

how would I do that???

ya tanya bapak jangan tanya saya, fork this plugin’s c1 and c0 motor6d helper :flushed: