Motor6d.C0 breaking up animation

Hello, i’m working on a gun that when equpped makes arms and head move with mouse and this part worked pretty well:

But when i reload:

Here’s what it looks like in animation editor:

I think this happens because i set the m6d.c0 to, -0.6, -0.1) * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(-90), 0, 0)

I made this so the gun keep sticked to the end of the arm.

I tried to remove the motor6d’s C0 when i play the animation and adding it again when the animation ends but this happens (At the end of the video) :

And it looks like this is not the right way to do this.

Here’s the function that plays the animation:

local function Recarregar(ReloadAnimation)
	CanAnimate = false

	task.wait(ReloadAnimation.Length - 0.18)

	CanAnimate = true
	Ammo = MaxAmmo
	ChangeAmmoGui:Fire(Ammo, MaxAmmo)

I made this gun “animable” with this tutorial and then scripted it, but in order to make the gun move with the arms i changed the motor6d’s part0 to right arm instead of torso, and this doesn’t caused any issue, but this way the gun only move to the hand if i play an animation:

And if i freeze the animation in order to keep the gun in the hand, the gun will, only if i keep the arms straight, otherwise the gun will float in the air.

Well, this problem is really specific so i don’t found any solutions in devforum or in internet.

If you have an idea of how to fix this or need more information about the problem let me know.

So, what i made is creating an “equipped” animation with only 1 keyframe and playing it when the gun is equipped:

Hey sorry for bumping into this old topic but how did you make the reload animation play while still making the arms face the mouse position? im trying to do that but the animation breaks apart when i move too high or too down

this is my problem