Motor6D's are being created upon editing a game

Apologies in advance if this post does not relate to scripting, for some reason it won’t let me post in Studio Bugs.

Recently I noticed that every time I edited my Roblox game on Roblox Studio an undo option would appear despite me not making any changes.

When I press the undo button, it seems like Motor6D’s are being created and parented to nil.

Upon further inspection (parenting these Motor6D’s to Workspace), these Motor6D’s seem to be Character Motor6D’s, as the names of each Motor6D correspond to a Motor6D found on a Roblox Character i.e. LeftKnee, LeftHip, ect.

Strangely enough, these Motor6D’s only appear when I edit my game Tyrant Academy and not when I create or edit other games.

These are my plugins:


My main concern is either I have a virus plugin and that these Motor6D’s could cause a memory leak.

Thank you for your time!