Motor6Ds Directly Affected By Frame Rate


When I was testing with my new 120hz laptop display and a DLL injector that unlocks the frame cap, I noticed that Motor6Ds in an upcoming game go a lot faster than they should. The video above shows a green part with a BodyAngularVelocity (expected result) and a red part with a Motor6D. The speed of the red part decreases when the frame rate decreases, and increases when I unlock the frame rate.

Repro file: Motor Speed Bug.rbxl (13.9 KB)
Frame rate limiter:


Funny, the animations on character also gets slower when they lag or get bad frame rates. That sure is probably expected or not.

Or maybe not, I’m not entirely sure.


This explains my old computer having super slow Motor6Ds… Funny.

This is probably just that somebody forgot to move this to physics code instead of frame update (or not)