Motor6Ds keep meshing up

I have been making tools and characters in Roblox again, but there’s a problem that keeps appearing.
The Motors are acting as if the original position of the motor is somewhere else, have a look-see.

That’s the real Position of the joint but it rotates like this.
Weird position and keep looking,
it rotates like this, and I have no idea why. Can anyone help me?
I’m using rigs from the rig creator off of Roblox, so everything is normal

This also happens to some of the weapons I make, where it makes a weird position to rotate off of, or it just rotates another part and not the one it’s connected to.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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As you can see here, its pivot is at the front of the face. If your trying to rotate the neck, try messing around with the hierarchy of the eyes.

I’m guessing that (because of the eyes) Its focusing more of the rotation in the front, because 2/3 head joints are there.

The solution to these problems? I’m not sure. The best you can do is make the mesh in blender, make the bones and edit the animation weight for each eye.

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Yes, the eyes do seem to be doing something. But why, I’ll try to make it a mesh even though I wanted it to be simple. But do you have any idea why it does this? since the eyes really shouldn’t be affecting a motor that isn’t even connected to it

Can you send the file to me so I can test it? I’ll try to find a solution through there.

Also, what plugin are you using to create the Motor6D’s? Just code?

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I am just spawning a rig then connecting Eyes to it using Easyweld, Which doesn’t really do anything different than doing it by hand.
Also, how would I share the file never done it before, would love to share it it just has the model in there

You save the whole game using the “Save to File As…” button, makes a file saving everything currently in the game. File > Save to File As...

Or you can right click a model and press “Save to File”, does the same thing, but only the model.

After that, you can upload its file to the forum here. The upload button is next to the text modifiers, signaled with an arrow moving upwards with a server at the bottom.

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Horde.rbxl (37.5 KW)
Here it is, It’s very simple rn.

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Ive found the solution, ill be sending the video explaining it soon.

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Alrighty. Ill be using RigEdit lite for this, moves motor origins and that.
This is your model, currently the eyes don’t rotate with the rest of the neck, which is kind of weird but ill fix that.

What I’m doing is fixing the eye anchors to the neck, this means no matter what, your rotating with the necks origin.

Now that we did that, it should rotate normally with the rest of the neck.

What I haven’t said yet is the potential problems with why that happened in the first place, the parent bone of the eye and neck might be one of the eyes.

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Would I have to download a plugin to achieve this?

from what i know, yes. but its very easy to learn, i just did so as trying to solve the issue :sweat_smile:

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Do you mind giving a link, or I can just type it in. You’ve done a lot already

Here, RigEdit Lite - Roblox

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Ok, it works! Thanks a lot for helping me you were really helpful!

But hey, if you end up liking that plug-in the full version is 100 Robux.

actually i might need to buy that tbh :skull:

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I would, if I wasn’t broke :sweat_smile:. Thanks again

don’t worry, you’ve found a new skill in fixing a weirdly specific issue.

maybe if you have something I could buy from you that oddly amounts to that plug-in price.

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Sorry I don’t have any game passes or anything, Thanks for the offer though. Very kind of you