Motor6D:Transform() Does not have any effect?

I am trying to transform the Motor6d cframe on a server script as to replicate an “animation” for all players to see. However this does not work for me. I have used runservice.stepped.
Here’s my code

local player = script.Parent.Parent.Parent
local enabled = false

	enabled = enabled1

	if enabled == true then
	player.Character.RightUpperArm.RightShoulder.Transform =
	player.Character.RightLowerArm.RightElbow.Transform =
	player.Character.RightHand.RightWrist.Transform =

I’ve no idea what is happening. Any help is appreciated!

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Three things.

You’ll require a remote to facilitate interaction between clients. The server will need to tell all players to handle the Transform setting on their end as indicated either by itself or another client.

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There won’t be any problem the runservice.stepped timing either? Just asking because i wont be able to check til tomorrow. And now it makes sense to me more. Thanks

Stepped will be fine to use, as it fires immediately after animations update (citation: linked thread).

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