Motors dont work in player character anymore?

Just a few hours Ago I noticed that motors dont work in player character’s anymore. Is this a new update or just a bug? I tested with both the normal Motors and Motor6D and they both dont in player character.
Motor in player character

Front wheels dont turn

Motor in workspace

Wheels Turn

Also I noticed that the Epix admin cape was broken too which also uses motors in the player character.

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this is a very vague post, do you have like an example we could see? pictures at least? what does ‘dont work’ mean?


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I had this issue, too:

Go into the test server and load 2 players. Go on one player and delete some welds/motors. What happened to me when I did this is nothing. The part it’s welded to stays there like it’s anchored or something, even though the joint was created locally.

Yeah, this looks to be more of a bug than a feature. I’ve had issues with my space fighters after the most recent update, since yesterday, things were working just fine with Motors inside the player character.

Now, none of the Motors in the Force Pod (in front) or the Bits (top and bottom) won’t function.

At the least, I really hope this is a bug, since this breaks quite a few of my creations, including these spacecraft.


Having the same exact issues; all motors in my character were working fine until I got on Studio this morning. Now the CurrentAngle property doesn’t change seemingly no matter what.

There seems to be a bug where if you put a non-humanoid motor inside of the PlayerCharacter, it stops animating. We have someone taking a look at this right now.

Doesn’t fix this bug but, why are you putting objects inside of PlayerCharacter? You can SetNetworkOwner if you need to.

This doesn’t work if we create the joints locally.

This bug should be fixed now.


Just to add onto this as I think its related, SurfaceGui buttons don’t work anymore when they are placed inside characters, they used to work fine like this before today…

First GIF is the brick parented to Workspace with the surface gui and button inside the brick, and you can see the button being highlighted as I pass over it, this is normal and expected:

Second GIF is the brick parented inside the character model with the same brick and button as before, and you can see the button ISNT being highlighted as I pass over it:

Mouse clicks on the button are not detected when its in the player character model either…

This may seem kinda small, but if someone has lets say a vehicle inside the character and the vehicle has like a horn surface gui button inside the vehicle, it wont work right now…


I don’t think vehicles inside the character is recommended anymore however the gui won’t work because mouse events ignore the character

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