Mount Olympus Climbing Roleplay - Moved to Ansuz Studios

Last time im started to develop climbing simulator game. But I quickly realized that it is difficult to create a game alone, that’s why im here. I need medium, long term team, for this, and maybe future games. Also it’s my first post on dev forum.

Game Concept

player needs to summit Mount Olypmus - Mountain of Gods, it’s not that easy because he needs to deal with hydration, hunger, and even weather. Expedition group will host expeditions on mountain (This will boost players amount, also give us some extra robux).
Gameplay point is same as in game above, but environment looks different (Mountain is located in Greece, not Nepal). Im trying to make game as realistic as possible, Information boards, real life locations, weather and more.


Our team.

Project owner (me) - Terrain, Decals, advertising and managment - 30% - @polishkilleRYT
Programmer - 30% - @JusteTheCoder
High Poly models/mesh developer - 20% - @TheSuspectDude
GUI/UI design - Only design, no scripts - 10% - @PalmCrafter

I will start paying after finishing project, robux raised before publishing will go mainly on advertising*

Work Flow

We have many time, and no deadline. You don’t need to rush, or worry about this. Every position will receive tasks document, we will communicate using discord. On This platform we will share our work progress, and ideas for future updates. Once you will complete tasks, you will be free until next update.


Discord Account
13+ Years Old
Decent activity

Contact, and links

If you want to work with us contact me on discord - polishkilleRYT #8803
For now project is located in this group -!/about (I will create development group soon)

Thanks for reading, if you have questions fell free to ask me

I am interested DiscorD: ProGamerResul5566#9513

What would the scripter do?

Altimeter script, summits system, and leaderboard, randomized events (rain, fog) and few more.

I would like to apply as a UI designer. I contacted you on Discord (PalmCrafter#8841).

@ysfxjj … Why didn’t you ask me :c

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