Mountain Design

Here is a cool mountain logo i made that i wanted to share with you tell me what ya"ll think.

(what are your suggestions).

Thanks for your feedback.


Love it,the hills below the trees could be a bit lower though.

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Looks nice!

Upon looking at the final tree on the right side, I feel that it looks somewhat awkward - perhaps moving at an angle, along with some of the other trees, to make it fit more with the appearance of the terrain, would look nicer? I’m not an artist by specialisation, I just think that this may create a more realistic effect.

Perhaps adding sun rays would also give a nice touch? That’s not the most easiest thing to add and it might not go well with this theme.

The watermark’s location seems somewhat as if you just put it in the general area of where you want it, but not too specific. It’s a bit big and, personally, I would read the text before looking at the actual logo, so you might want to move it a bit further away and make it smaller, as when I look at this, my eye is led to the actual text immediately. Perhaps you can use leading lines so that its more skilfully seen when people look at the image in more detail?

The circular terrain adds a nice touch, though I feel as if its a bit too… big? That’s not the most appropriate word for what I’m trying to say, but it seems as if it’s too “far up” on the image, the diameter is fine - basically I’m suggesting you should show less of it/cut off a bit at the bottom.

Hope this helps!

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I feel like the sky could have much more shading rather than having a solid color. Try adding a few more layers and seeing what happens.

Aside from that, it looks good! The mountain shading looks a bit off and doesn’t seem to fit in if you see what I mean.

Also the leaves are a bit off in the positioning, maybe bring the middle triangle up a bit more?


The logo looks quite good, however there is some you could improve on your logo. Like the terrain and the trees!!

My Suggestions

  • The logo looks really decent however you should add some color. On the terrain i would suggest you add some green to the terrain as by looking at it, it’s just a blue color you could change! that to a green color and add some rocks, flowers, grass, and others. And you should lower the sun a bit as you can see some, of the sun is cut at the top as you can see below!!


  • The trees are the same color as the terrain. I would recommend you add some color to them to look more decent and better. And for the mountains you could add some grey to the mountain part instead of having the whole, mountains white also lower down the hills a bit as you can see you can’t really! see much of the trees on the hill part.


  • I don’t see no fades on your logo, but your logo looks very blended with the terrain as i said above you should add some colors to it! to look more better also you should move the “Hoosmany” text in the corner a bit more and add different details to the hills. And change the color of the sun a bit more!!

Overall you have really, done a great job on your logo keep up the good work!!

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Pretty cool! I agree with the first reply though. I would lower the hills with trees, add more trees (can differentiate with shadows), center the mountains, and make the mountains/sun bigger. Those are just some initial notes, but since logos are usually pretty unique to each group/business, it would be useful to know the context of the logo to provide more personalized feedback.

Also, don’t be afraid to rotate the trees a little bit! It might not be the most realistic thing in the world, but it gives it a little more character. The trees also look a bit too low down in the hills, and the one on the far right has a tiny spot where the background shows through, which I would fill in regardless.

As far as the background goes, adding rays would be cool and is not hard at all (though this is assuming you have either Photoshop or paint . net; it’s easier in Photoshop). If you would like to try this and can’t find a tutorial on Google, feel free to ask me how and I’ll give you a quick tutorial. :slight_smile:

Adding some texture overall will really bring the logo to life. It looks pretty flat right now since it’s just colors stacked on top of each other, but outlines and highlights are just some of the ways to bring certain elements forward.

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Very nice design there! You can add a drop shadow behind the mountains to separate the sun from the foreground. Also, adding some burst rays radiating off of the sun can really add a bit more variation.

Other than that, your design looks really well made!

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Thank! you all for you feedback i will aprove those change"s thanks everyone!

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It not taking long to make ya"ll suggestions I’m about to be done i had to do something.

Very good design! :+1:
but I recommend adding lines simulating grass to improve the design.

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just want to let everyone to know i probably wont post tomorrow, if not i maybe will post sunday. :smiley:

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I think the logo is pretty good looking. I like the mountains and sun rays but I’m not a huge fan of the the flowers and pond look, regardless the logo is amazing.

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Overall it’s cool but the flowers on the bottom right don’t fit at all in my opinion other than that it’s pretty interesting

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