Mouse clicks are unresponsive in upper-right corner of screen

This bug was probably introduced in the last update.
There is a certain area in the upper-right corner of the screen where the mouse does not do anything when you try to click on it.
Right-clicking doesn’t move the camera, and left-clicking doesn’t activate any GUI buttons that may be underneath it.

That whole time, I am right clicking to try and move the camera. (Cursor turning black: unable to do anything) There’s a tiny space below the player name where it actually does work.

It happens whether the leaderboard is visible or not. I also disabled all CoreGUIs and the bug was still happening.
It’s happening in both live games and play solo/test servers.

Defaultio reported this earlier and I am looking into it.

What an odd, random glitch

Confirmed. Pls fix

This is caused by the “TopRightContainer” ImageButton created by the ‘TenFootInterface.lua’ corescript module. To fix the issue, set ‘Active’ to false while it’s not in use.

Edit: Why does that use an ImageButton anyways? A quick run-through of the script just uses it as a frame anyways and it has no purpose as a button. Either a frame or ImageLabel would make more sense as far as I can tell.

Happening again in the chat region now.

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Yeah I can’t rotate the camera by clicking around the chat. It also messes with fruit picking in Treehouse Tycoon